About Us

The Winebuyer’s Outlet is Sturbridge’s neighborhood fine wine and specialty foods store. The store was opened in 2011 by owners Joanne Sagansky and Ed Neal, both longtime residents of the town of Sturbridge.

Joanne’s husband Peter Sagansky runs a fine wine importing and distribution company, Charles River Wine Company, which is housed above Penny's Appliance Store in Sturbridge. Peter’s company sells wines to many of the best retail wine stores and restaurants throughout Massachusetts.

While Peter’s selections have been widely available to wine consumers from Springfield and points west and Auburn and points east they have not been readily available in the Sturbridge area with the exception of a few best sellers.

This lack of local distribution created the perfect opportunity for Joanne and Ed to feature hundreds of fine wines as regional exclusives of
The Winebuyer's Outlet. These are not no name wines, but carefully chosen wines that are nationally distributed and that have plenty of recognition in the most important wine publications. As business at The Winebuyer's Outlet grows, their selections will grow to include wines from other leading Massachusetts companies.

Peter's approach of tasting hundreds of wines to find the best new additions for his wholesale portfolio has been adopted by the food buyers at The Winebuyer's Outlet. Foods are not selected for their cute packaging, but for their individual qualities and value. If a food product is on the shelves or in the coolers at The Winebuyer's Outlet they have been chosen as the best of their type by our staff.