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Rishi Masala Chai is just one of 70 loose teas from four leading importers that we pack in-store in the finest resealable bags. 

Please click above to download our current list complete with Tea Descriptions!

Welcome to The Winebuyer's Outlet
Sturbridge Cheese & Chocolate!

The Winebuyer’s Outlet / Sturbridge Cheese & Chocolate is Sturbridge's full service gourmet food, fine wine and specialty gift shop. Our store is locally owned and operated and we have become "part of the neighborhood" during our five years of business here. We carry a broad selection of products from locally made Cheeses to hard-to-find World Class Kitchen and Tableware items. We feature...

• Fine Domestic and Imported Wines

• Local Artisan Cheeses and Specialty Foods

• Top Quality Domestic and Imported Cheeses

• Custom Made Gift Baskets and Chocolate Boxes

• Hand Packed Fresh Classic Chocolates, Chocolate Truffles & Fudge

• Packaged Chocolates from Massachusetts and Belgium

• Locally Roasted Coffee Beans and the finest Loose Teas and Sachets

• Unique Kitchen and Tableware Items

• Top quality Coffee and Tea Makers and Accessories

We buy for all of our sections with the same goal of delivering the best quality products at reasonable prices. We take extra steps to allow us to compete in price with bigger businesses without compromising quality. 

We strive to create an “assumption of quality” throughout our store so that our customers feel comfortable with their selections regardless of category. We are happy that our shop attracts a wide range of customers with different tastes and interests. We especially love when our regular customers bring their friends to The Winebuyer's Outlet when they are visiting Sturbridge!

We are proud to have been chosen as the "1st Place Winner" in the "Best Wine and Cheese" category by The Sturbridge Times Reader's Choice Awards for the years 2014, 2015 and 2016!

Here is a introduction to the sections of our shop... 

Our Wines

We feature wines selected by noted Sturbridge-based Importer and Distributor Peter Sagansky. Peter’s company Charles River Wine Company, Inc. distributes an international portfolio of highly-ranked wines to the best wine stores and restaurants throughout Massachusetts. Learn about our producers and their wines by visiting the links page on Peter’s company’s website www.charlesriverwine.com

We take the word “Outlet” in our name very seriously. We make nationally recognized wines from the best wine regions of the United States, Europe and the Southern Hemisphere available to our Sturbridge friends and neighbors at good prices. These are mostly wines made on an Artisan scale that are not easy to find at local big box stores and supermarkets. 

We maintain popular wine sections that cater to customers with specific interests that are largely ignored by the general wine industry. Included is a strong section of Organic Wines, Fair Trade Wines and No-Sulfite-Added Wines. We have a fine selection grouped together as “Sweet Table Wines”. Our wines are arranged to be user friendly. Some are grouped by popular grape types, with others grouped by style such as "Red Rhône Blends."

Our “Bin Ends” program turns previous vintages and leftover bottles into truly outstanding values. Our “Scratch & Stain” program presents more great values for those who don’t feel that an imperfect label gets in the way of enjoying the fine wine in the bottle. Peter sells these remainders to us without the usual wholesale markups and our lower costs results in significant savings for our customers.

Our Chocolates

When you enter The Winebuyer’s Outlet / Sturbridge Cheese & Chocolate you will find a World Class Chocolate Shop. The phrase that we hear the most when new visitors see our chocolate cases is "Oh My God!" 

We keep our fresh Chocolates in temperature and humidity controlled cases hand-built for us by the recognized leader in this area. We work with a number of Chocolatiers each of which we feel make the very best Chocolates within their specific specialties. We have a fine selection of gift bags and boxes and we ship Chocolates upon request.

We maintain a strong relationship with a Specialty Importer of Belgium Chocolates and feature packaged Chocolates from Côte d’Or, Nirvana and others. We carry a fine selection of Massachusetts Made Taza Chocolates. 

The Winebuyer’s Outlet is also Sturbridge’s Cakettes store. Cakettes are described on their website as “The Perfect Marriage Between a Cupcake and a Truffle.” 

Our Cheeses

The Winebuyer's Outlet / Sturbridge Cheese and Chocolate is a member of The Massachusetts Cheese Guild. We have dedicated a door of one of our coolers to Cheeses made at family owned farms in our State.  

We source local and regional Cheeses working directly with a number of the best farmers in New England. We buy international Cheeses from an Eastern MA based Importer that caters to the finest Cheese Shops and Restaurants of our State. We regularly carry a broad range of Cheese styles including fine Goat and Sheep Cheeses and raw milk Cheeses. 

We buy large wheels and blocks of many of our Cheeses and then cut and pack them ourselves. This allows us to better control our costs and to maintain the quality of our Artisan Cheeses. We make up custom Cheese and Specialty Food Platters via special order.

Our Breads

Iggy’s Breads of the World delivers breads baked the same mornings to us on Thursdays and Saturdays. This great established Cambridge based bakery provides breads to many of our State's finest restaurants and specialty food stores. If you miss freshly baked real bread made from the finest ingredients make us your bread store!  

Our Teas 

We offer our area’s most extensive selection of the finest Loose Teas and Tea Sachets. We source Teas from a number of notable Tea Companies including; Frontier, Harney, and Rishi. We buy the loose teas in bulk and pack them ourselves in store using only the best lined bags. Each package has an informative label with tea making instructions for that particular type of tea. We keep dozens of selections on hand including Black Teas, Green Teas, Herbal Teas, Flavored Teas, Decaf Teas and White Teas. Many customers comment on our good prices!

We carry a full range of Harney Teas in Silken Sachets rather than Tea Bags. These Sachets are simply bags filled with loose Teas (in contrast to the pulverized Teas found in commercial tea bags). We offer Tins of Sachets and boxes with individually wrapped Sachets. We sell singles of a number of the items allowing customers to try a cup before committing to a tin.   


Our Coffees

Armeno Coffee Roasters of Northborough MA supplies us with our very fresh and perfectly roasted Coffee Beans. We offer a fine range of single origin Coffee Beans and blends at different roasting levels. 

We also offer The Winebuyer’s Outlet Blend, Decaf Blend and Dark Roast Blend that Armeno customs roasts just for us. We feel that Armeno’s Master Roaster John Parks is the best local roaster working today. Our coffees are sold in full 16 ounce bags and may be ground in the shop. 

Our Gifts & Gift Baskets

We are striving to be the best Gift Shop in our area! We offer a large range of unique gift items with special emphasis placed on gifts for lovers of Wine, Cheese, Beer, Chocolate, Tea, Coffee and Cooking. There are plenty of places to shop for some of the items on this list but few that combine them all with a real focus on quality. 

Our ability to combine so many areas of interest makes us your perfect shop for Custom Gift Baskets. Gift Baskets are an important part of our business and one of the most enjoyable and creative parts for us to work on. We will work with you to combine the best combination of gift items to create perfect personally designed gifts for your recipients. We do this at your desired price levels in a wide range of styles. 

We have become a regular supplier of Gift Baskets for local businesses including Banks and Real Estate agents. We will deliver baskets locally upon request.  

Taste Before You Buy!

We love to offer free tasting samples to our customers. We put out Chocolates to sample every day and we sample out our Fudge upon request. 

We have a Free Wine, Cheese & Chocolate Tasting every Saturday from 1:00 to 5:00 P.M.! 

Saturdays feel like celebrations at our shop so please make an effort to join in!